My 4 yr old daughter wants to be an artist. Correction, she is an artist.

Last yr we tried out the free class for beginners at We sat down and did the class together, pausing the video several times to catch up with the instructor.
This month, we finally purchased the beginner lessons (6) and ordered the art supplies to get started. The instructor, Theresa Harris, is very easy to follow and understand. She also lets the kids know that they can do their drawings differently than what she is doing. She always gives other options. The video quality is very good, and I have no problem playing the videos on the computer or on the original Ipad.

Once you’re a member, you also have access to Parent Videos which range from topics like displaying art, lesson extensions, and art talk (there are 10 parents videos in all). You can also access a members only facebook where you can upload your childs artwork and ask questions (we do not use facebook, so have not experienced this). There’s a page of your lessons and also a buy page where you can purchase the next set of lessons which are beginner intermediate. The ages recommended for both the beginner and beginner intermediate class are 6-12. The members area also includes a page that covers the materials needed for the lessons and direct links to buy them from Amazon. For the beginner class we purchased prismacolor markers, an artist drawing pad, and some sharpie black permanent pens to draw with.

The lessons in the beginner class include (6):
Tropical Fish

Macaw Parrot
Creative Castle
Puppies and Dogs
Float Planes
Dragon Designs

Roro LOVES the lessons and now does them on her own while everyone waits in the living room. The lessons take approx. 30 minutes to complete. Some days she will do the lesson 2-3 times. She is always so excited when she finishes and rushes in to get us all to come look at her drawings while she tells us all about the colors she chose, how hers is different from the instructors’, and what the subject of her drawing is doing. This has gave her more confidence to draw on her own and add more detail into her drawings. She loves getting me to write the stories of each subject that she draws on the back of the paper. Once her artist pad is full we are planning on having an “art show” of her drawings for family members to come see.

thrive art 002
Parrot Roro drew from the Macaw Parrot lesson.

thrive art 004
A completely different looking parrot from the Macaw Lesson by Roro.

Even though the age recommendation is 6-12, if you have a 5, or even 4yr old that loves to draw (and can sit for the entire lesson) then I really recommend this. The videos are yours forever to access online once you purchase. And by using your tablet, your child can do the lessons anywhere. This is something Roro looks forward to everyday and we love to see what piece of art she creates next.

The opinions in this review are my own and Thrive Art does not even know I am writing this review!


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