The schoolhouse in progress

We don’t school in our house. We have a seperate building behind our house that we use. I’ve been slowly adding things here and there, and a lot of things usually find their way from the house to the school house.nature and school 060
The picture shows one end of the schoolhouse. I bought the table and chairs from a school supply company last year with some tax refund money. I had seen the table on another homeschooler’s blog, though unfortunately I can’t find it anymore. I really like the idea of us all sitting together at a table instead of putting the kids at individual desks. The storage units are housing random materials right now, but I’m planning on converting two of them into workboxes and the other two are going to hopefully get organized soon. These are called Ikea Trofast and I’m in love with them. I also have them in my daughter and son’s rooms. If I could get more, I would! The great thing about them is that I can sort all the toys into the bins, and whenever my kids want to play with a set, they take the entire bin out and carry it to wherever they want to play. I no longer have to spend the day searching for tiny figures or hotwheel cars.
My bookshelves are just plain and cheap walmart shelves, and are in dire need of some organizing. There is a new whiteboard I picked up for around $12 at Hobby Lobby on top of the Trofast that is yet to be hung.
nature and school 062

The reading Nook
nature and school 065
This is where my big totoro lies amongst the books. I’m thinking of putting a small kids couch here and moving him to my daughter’s room.
nature and school 064
This is the block wall that totoro hides behind. You can also see a space poster I got on sale at a teacher supply store that went out of business.


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