IT CAME!!!! Sproutkin!!!

Our first Sproutkin box came yesterday! We were all super excited to get this in the mail!

What is a Sproutkin box?
This is copied from the Sproutkin website:

Receive Sproutkit. Each box includes 10 carefully selected books all centered around a central theme. Included with the books is an activity card (or “Sproutcard) which includes discussion questions and activities relating to the books and theme.

Read books. You no longer have to carve out time to scour through children’s books at bookstores and libraries – we’ve done the work and have chosen the highest quality books for you. Take 1 week or 4 weeks to read through the books – it’s up to you.

Engage in guided discussion and activities. Use the Sproutcard to help your child understand the stories and overarching theme. You and your little one can make moon sand together with the recipe included in our ”Earth and Beyond” Sproutkit, or help your child pretend to be a new superhero in our “Imagine That” collection.

Return books (or keep what you want). Keep the books you want (for 10% off retail price) and return the rest. It’s easy – use the same box and prepaid postage label included. You can even pre-order your next Sproutkit online so that you’ll never be without books. Or, simply return your books and we’ll send you a new set right away.

These goodies were bundled!
Our theme was Imagine That! The books we got for this theme were:
1. Stega Nona’s Magic Lessons
2. I Need My Monster
3. Silly Street
4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
5. Zack’s Alligator
6. Harold and the Purple Crayon
7. Where the Wild Things Are
8. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
9. How to be a Supervillain
10. Father Bear Comes Home
The cover of our Sproutcard says:

The characters in these books create their own worlds in which their whimsical imaginations allow them to thrive, laugh, and learn. Let these books inspire and stretch your child’s imagination- you will be surprised and charmed by the sometimes delightful and oftentimes creative connections children make.

Sproutcard’s inside cover
Questions! There are several questions listen that go along with each book. An example of one of the questions:

In Zack’s Alligator, Zack imagines his alligator friend. If you could have a talking animal for a pet, what kind of pet would you have? What would you do with it? What would you name it?

Sproutcard’s inside back cover
Activities! There were ten different activities listed! These activities had all to do with imagination, not the books themselves. An example of one of the activities:

Have your child place his/her fingerprints on a piece of paper, and use them to create pictures. Note: Fingerprint paint can be made by crushing and straining 1 cup of any colored non-poisonous berry and adding a tablespoon of salt and vinegar.

There were also suggestions on what to make out of the fingerprints and information on making a scene with fingerprints.
The activities really looked age appropriate for 3-6 yr olds.

Sproutcard back cover
The back card lists all 10 books included with your kit.

What did we think?
We loved out Sproutkit! I was expecting several books to be sent that we had read before. Surprisingly, we had not read any of these books yet! HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON! You would have thought that we had read that. Nope. I really underestimated that book. I had assumed it was a board book that had one sentence of each page. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, all the books we got are a little ‘lengthy.’ Which we like!
We have not read all the books yet but we already have some favorites:

How to be a Supervillain My daughter’s favorite. She loves superheroes and comics so this was right up her alley. This is of course, about a villain. This story is pretty long, but it has its funny moments along the way. Did I mention the author is/was 15? Wow! Great illustrations as well.

I Need My Monster I couldn’t believe that in this box, there were things that appealed to both my daughter AND son. This is definitely his fave. He is a big monster inc fan and he is often seen carrying around his monster inc sticker book or his monster inc lift the flap book. To him this was another monster inc book! The story is about a boy who has a regular monster under his bed ( to scare him to keep him IN his bed at night). His monster has left a note stating “Gone Fishing”, and on come the substitute monsters. The boy rejects them one by one for not being scary enough. In the end all is well when the boys regular monster returns from his fishing trip before the night is over.

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Ok, this is my favorite. We are probably going to keep this one. We’ve read it twice so far. It’s also my daughter’s second favorite. My son will listen through the story but I’m not sure he understands it. He’s just patiently waiting until we read “I Need my Monster” again.
This story was about a donkey who collects pebbles. One day he finds a shiny, red, magic pebble. It grants wishes! Ah, he’s so happy! He’s rushing home to tell his parents when suddenly a lion appears in front of him. Not thinking, he quickly wishes himself to become a rock so the lion will not eat him. But the magic pebble only grants wishes if you are holding it. How can a rock hold a pebble? How will he ever turn back into a donkey?

Strega Nona’s Magic Lessons
We read this today. I have always wanted us to read these books but never had a chance until now. This story was about a baker who left her job to seek advice from Strega Nona. Strega Nona told her she would teach her her magic. But Strega Nona’s farm hand wants to learn the magic too! But only women can be stregas…

I really liked this story but it required a little explaining to my daughter. A 5 or 6 year old would get it. Aiden was a good little boy and listened along, who knows what he thought! Roro’s comments on this one were:
“It was a good story, but it was a little crazy.”

Harold and the Purple Crayon
After reading this my kids wanted me to pull out my big sheets of paper and they took purple crayons and makers out, trying to draw everything that Harold drew in the book. They did this for about 30 minutes! Woohoo!

All of this is $24.99 a month! If I went and bought 10 books…well, you can imagine how much that would be. The cool thing is that if we get attached to some of the books, we can just keep those and get 10% off each title we keep. And you can keep your Sproutkit box until the next one comes! You just go to your account and “request” a new kit. This was shipped from Ca and we live in Al- I think it only took about 4 days to get here. In fact, it was predicted to get here Saturday and arrived on a THURSDAY (via usps)! And I don’t have to pay to ship the boxes back!

If you refer someone to Sproutkin and they join, you get $5 off your subscription!
So, hey, let me Refer You and then you can refer your friends!


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