Pre-K and K Workboxes

I have included links here, but they won’t show up. 😦 Anyone know why?

Ok, SO it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote here. I have so many things to write about, and so little time. I figured an easy way to get back into writing would be to do a super easy post about my workboxes.

Right now we school when we feel like it. I’m leaning toward the unschooling lifestyle, but I guess you would truly label us eclectic. We’re very laid back and most of my kids days are spent playing with their toys, which I think is very important. I don’t dare interrupt them when they are playing with their legos or playmobil figures.

When we do go out to the schoolhouse, I go to my workboxes because they are the quickest way to get started.
I currently use one workbox system for both kids-this upcoming year I might change that-but right now, this is the easiest.

school 001

My actual boxes are Ikea Trofast. I LOVE these so much I have them in each kid’s bedroom as well.
My categories are:
school 003
school 004
I bought this math workbook a few yrs ago from We use it periodically and are actually almost through with it now. I just ordered right start math for this upcoming year and I’m also planning on using the mathstart books.

history/geo and science (sometimes both, sometimes one or the other)
school 006
For science we are reading the Lets Read and Find out Science Series.
I found a book series that I love on Amazon that we are reading for history. The books are called American Symbols and topics include: The American Flag, The Bald Eagle, The Liberty Bell, the White House, The Great Seal of the United States, and so on. I got mine from Amazon.

school 007
This is a Watch Me Draw book I found at Hobby Lobby. They actually make several different ones, and we have quite a few. Why? Because they are for ages 4 and up. They’re very simple and my kids can easily follow along. There’s stickers that you place once you have completed the drawing ‘lesson’ and practice pages in the book as well.
extra fun
school 010
These are lego duplo pieces with the instruction cards. My kids are playing with regular legos now, but they still enjoy building with their duplos.
behavior and safety
school 011
This is one of the Learning to Get Along books. We own several of these books. There are lots of activities in the back for further learning, which make these books totally worth owning. The actual books are a little short, but we read them slowly and take in every picture.

I find behavior and safety important to teach. Roro has acquired a little attitude lately, and is not very good at sharing. Aiden, however, will give her anything of his that she asks for. Sometimes she can take advantage of that! I have to make sure he doesn’t give her EVERYTHING. =)
Safety involves learning what to do in case of a fire, learning how and when to dial 911, memorizing family member’s phone numbers, saying no, and very light stranger safety.

school 005
The kids have their own art station set up where they can color/ draw as they wish. Roro does her whenever she feels like it. Both kids will watch several brainpop jr videos daily and we enjoy Dr Suess books on the Ipad. We try to spend our afternoons outside exploring and playing. They usually take a nap around 2 and our nights are filled with playing legos, Monopoly Jr and Catan Jr (HIGHLY recommended-especially if YOU’RE bored of “kiddie” games).

If you know any good board/card games that your whole family enjoys, please let me know! We are always looking for more board games.

I just ordered a telescope, microscope and the kids a computer desk for the upcoming year. I’m very excited about summer nights looking up at the sky, and I’m hoping to spark some interests.

So, that’s it for my easy peasy post. Sorry for the upside-down pictures! Hopefully next time I can make more of an effort!



  1. I really like the idea of work boxes. I have trouble focusing enough to plan ahead. I love the Trofast system. I have a set in Mini Riceball’s room, I have a lot of Ikea furniture in her room. I have a feeling once we move we’ll have even more. I kind of wish I had been more laid back with pre-k/K but if I would have known what I do now I would have done a good bit of it different. What I did do brought us to where we are though, so I suppose that’s good.

    • I’m the same way, I’m just not much of a planner. Before I was tossing things into the boxes I was just wandering around my bookshelves. I was wasting a good 20 minutes just wondering what we would read or do. I wish we lived near an Ikea! I had to order what I have and the shipping is outrageous. I was really wanting the Expedit, but they won’t ship that-and even if they did- I can’t imagine what it’d cost.

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