Our favorite Apps for homeschooler kids!

I’ve been thinking of doing this post for awhile now. I’m going to write about apps that we love, one daily for 5 days.
Please check back and let me know if an app works out for you and your family. I’d also love to hear other peoples’ most used kid apps.

Favorite Apps Post One
We use our Ipad frequently for learning, and Roro is picking up SO much from it. She’s actually remembering and spitting out facts days later. Last night after looking through our telescope she stated, “The sun is ACTUALLY a star!” Our use of the Ipad has shown me that she has an interest in the human body, which I would not have known otherwise.
A really good app on the Ipad can really save us if we’re eating in a restaurant and Aiden all-of-a-sudden declares loudly, ” I’M DONE!!!” We all look at him like a deer caught in headlights, then quickly pull out the Ipad. Whew, close one! If an app can satisfy him for 10 minutes while everyone else finishes their meal, AND it’s educational, then it’s gold!

It can be really hard to find a good kid’s app. I have downloaded many, some terrible that were deleted right away, some glitchy, some too hard to navigate…but I did find a couple of needles in the haystack.

Here’s our favorite and most used as of right now:

#1. BrainPopJr. Winner
This is my almost 5 yr old daughter’s favorite app. She asks to watch these everyday, and she remembers what she learns!
Brainpop and BrainpopJr are websites that feature animated educational videos for kids. BrainpopJr is for kids grades K-3. However, my 3 yr old will take his turn picking out a movie and will watch alongside Roro intently. After each video, you can choose to take an easy or hard quiz, read a funny comic strip relating to the topic, or hear a joke. You can also see related videos at the bottom of the screen. The videos feature a girl named Annie and her friend robot, Moby. Most videos are around 4-5 minutes long.

Once you’re in the app, you can see the movie of the week (free). Photos were taken with one ipad, of another ipad, in not-so-good quality. =)

Once you click “All Movies” at the bottom, it takes you to the subjects:

Science, Health, Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Math, and Arts and Technology.
After you pick a subject there are several sub-categories to choose from.

For example, the sub-categories for science are: Animals, Plants, Habitats, Conservation, Land, Matter, Forces, Energy, Weather, Space, and Science Skills.
Let’s pick Animals.
Now we can choose to watch a video about butterflies, camouflage, classifying animals, fish, food chain, frogs, hibernation, or migration. There are tons of videos, and I hear more are being added!

Pic of the butterfly video

Pic of the butterfly video

You can download the app for free. The movie of the week is always free to watch, and there are also a few other free movies you can watch. I suggest trying it out to see if your kids like it. I personally, did NOT like the voice of Annie. I was thinking, ” Yeah…this isn’t going to hold their attention.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. Both kids love it.

For homeschool access on the brainpop website, it’s $145 for a year. However, please check the homeschoolbuyersco-op.com frequently for deals. I paid $69/yr for ours, and I’m running it on two Ipads. Even if I had to pay full price, I would still get this one. My kids have learned more from this than anything I have tried so far. Even if you don’t buy it, download the app! Your kids can still watch a different video every week with the movie of the week. We did this for awhile before purchasing and it was something they looked forward to every week!

Is there an app you’ve found that your kids love? Let me know, I am ALWAYS searching for new and different apps I have yet to discover.


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  1. I love Brainpop jr, I got our subscription through a homeschool group. We have access to both Brainpop and Brainpop jr. We don’t use the app much, it’s a mostly on the computer thing for us. Mini Riceball is more in love with the games than anything though and I think that’s online only. Right now I’m using Brainpop jr exclusively for our health curriculum. I like that it has quizzes I can print to bring to the review.

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