Favorite Kid Apps #2

So much for sticking with it. I missed a day! Feeling terrible for disappointing my many readers…. 😉

My second favorite app for kids is…..

Reading Rainbow!
Anyone remember that show as a kid? You can download the app for free, but pay a subscription fee of $9.99/mo or $29.99 for 6 months. There are over 500 books in here! I had looked at this before, but I bypassed it because there just weren’t that many reviews on it. I’ve downloaded apps like this before and I was really disappointed with the types of books offered. NOt with this. Right off the bat I found the picture book biography series that I had JUST purchased (Ex: A picture book of George Washington). Ahh!!! There are National Geographic reader books on here, KinderMusik books, and more.
The app has themed islands including Animal Kingdom, National Geograhpic Kids, Genius Academy, My Community, and more. Once you’re in an island, you can scroll through books relating to that theme. Once you pick out a book, you can download it to your backpack. Your backpack can hold 5 books. This is really helpful for us because our Ipad only has WiFi. Once our 5 books our downloaded we can enjoy them anywhere. Once you’re done with a book you’re rewarded with a sticker for your sticker book and you can even play a game. Then you simply return the book and look for more!
In the parent dashboard there is a search for book option which I have found very useful already.

The app also features video field trips with LeVar Burton.

I think this is an awesome app that not many know about, or they may be turned off by the cost. This is totally worth it here for the quantity and the quality of the books you have access too.



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