The Kid’s Easter Peep Show Diarama

We painted our boxes out back last week. Since it rained all day yesterday the kids got their boxes finished. I’m really happy with the way they turned out. We did end up helping them some for things like typing the spaceship to the ceiling of the house, making signs, and drawing/coloring pictures (When Roro refused to color her pictures in). They did all the painting and planning. Everything was their own ideas and they thoroughly enjoyed it! Now they sit behind me on the floor playing with the craft box trying to make other creations.
Hmmm…this project based schooling idea might be worth looking in to!

Painting boxes outside

Painting boxes outside

Aiden’s box was based off his Turbo book that he carries around everywhere. Then he thought it would be a good idea to mix that with Disney cars and planes!


Aiden’s words about his project: “One orange snail come to a purple snail, a black snail, a green snail, a yellow snail, a blue snail. Theres so many snails. A red one. The End.


Roro’s project was based off a book titled “Mr Wuffles”. It’s an almost wordless picture book about some bug sized aliens who have somehow managed to get into a house, and are then chased by Mr Wuffles, the family cat.

The making

The making


The ants, who come to help the aliens escape

The ants, who come to help the aliens escape

Roro’s words about her project: ” The book is about a cat and some aliens. How many aliens? 5. How many cats? 1. The peep show begins with a great start. The end. I told you to write GENIUS. Roro loves that cat. Write it.”

Mr Wuffles can't resist those aliens! Ladybug is trying to help them escape.

Mr Wuffles can’t resist those aliens! Ladybug is trying to help them escape.

Thanks to for having this “Peep show”! Haha! The whole family has had a lot of fun with this. Aiden is playing with his “snails” right now (ew). Ours have yet to get hard! Wonder how long that takes? We can’t wait to see everyone else’s diaramas!


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