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My name is Kate and I’m married to my best friend, Cody. My children’s names are Roro (Aurora) and Aiden. I don’t understand weird blog nicknames for kids, Roro and Aiden are actually what we call our kids.

Aiden and Aurora at Nanny and Pawpaw's pond.

Aiden and Aurora at Nanny and Pawpaw’s pond.

We are secular homeschoolers as I am atheist and husband is agnostic. We live in Alabama and know no other secular homeschoolers. It is a place where our beliefs have to be kept secret. There are no co-ops or homeschool groups for us here. We live in a small town with no museums or fun destinations. We must travel an hour to get to a large city and even there, the homeschool groups are all religious. Sometimes I wish we lived in a place that were more open to our beliefs, but the actual land we live on is wonderful, and for the most part, everyone here in this state is very well mannered and friendly. We live on about 40 acres surrounded by my father’s cows. We have two miniature horses, two goats, chickens, a dog, a parrot… My mother and father also have a house on the land with a large pond in front of their house. We often see Canadian geese and great blue heron. Deer tracks can often be seen in our yards. My dream is that both my kids will want to build houses on this land with their families one day.

Our school

We homeschool in a large storage building in the back yard. It’s gives me and the kids an “out”. When we go out there, we feel as though we are getting out of the house, so it helps us a lot in that aspect. It also helps in not messing up the house so bad. I can easily shut the door to the schoolhouse and walk away from the mess.

Things I consider most important in my homeschool are play, imagination, reading, nature, and art.

I know this blog will not reach a lot of people. This blog was created in hopes of keeping a record of what we do and to hopefully connect with other secular homeschoolers. I post things we use and things that we like with hopes that it may help someone else in their homeschooling journey.

I’m the weird mom who doesn’t use facebook, or any other social media. You might think I don’t have kids by the lack of pictures. You might occasionally catch a pic of my kids doing something from behind. I’m old fashioned and just can’t bring myself to put our faces online.
If you read this please check back again soon and feel free to leave a comment. =)


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