Upcoming Blog Posts

I decided to keep a little list here of posts I would like to complete sometime in the near future. I’m not much of a planner or organizer, so maybe having it here will keep reminding me and give me some motivation. When I do a review, please know that I always buy my products, they are not given to me for a review. I simply like to try new things, and if it works for us I’m glad to tell others about a particular product. If you have any questions on a particular product that we use and would like an opinion on it, please feel free to contact me here. Also, if you have something that works great for your kids I’d love to hear about it!

Here’s a few of my ideas that may make it into blog posts:

Our typical Week (am currently writing this down daily, hope to post it soon)
Schoolhouse Progress
Pre-k/K Curric Change- What stayed, what went?
Sproutkin Box Peeks
Carefree Crafts subscription review and peek
The Young Scientist Club Subscription Review (What’s in the boxes? Do the experiments work?)
Our Toy Organization
Our Favorite and most used apps for homeschooler kids
Our school must haves
Best kids Board/card games for grownups too


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